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PASS (Personal Assistance Services Support Staff)

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Job Overview:

PASS Staff are responsible for following a child's treatment plan under the direction of the child's family to address the development of behavior, communication, social, and functional adaptive skills to assist in the child's ability to remain at home, maintain activities of daily living, participate in the community, and transition into young adulthood.

Positions are located throughout RI

Job Description

  1. Creates opportunities for choices in the area of personal interests and activities and allows the child to self-initiate desired response at least 1x. per shift.
  2. Abides by child's current PASS treatment plan at all times, during each shift.
  3. Accurately documents all goals & objectives on current data sheets following every shift.
  4. Provides information and solutions based on direct observations, review of program documentation, and data to the clinical team to report progress to date and current difficulties.
  5. Recognizes and utilizes teachable moments.
  6. Considers environmental factors (loud noises, crowds, and inclement weather) when assessing the child's comprehension of the implemented plan.
  7. Consults PASS family Supervisor and/or clinical team before implementing creative teaching strategies within the current treatment plan.
  8. Promotes independence by following fade plan and encouraging each child to perform to their fullest potential.


  1. Staff will develop a mutual relationship with each child based on their uniqueness and individuality.
  2. All interactions with each child demonstrate acceptance, equality, respect and dignity.
  3. Does not report information in a sarcastic or derogatory manner about a child.
  4. Demonstrates respect and caring by including the child, as appropriate, by talking to the child, saying his/her name, using positive language and gesturing toward the child etc...
  5. Demonstrates a sensitivity and respect of each child.
  6. Uses appropriate tone when interacting with each child.
  7. Acknowledges and responds to each child's demonstration of communication through body language, gestures, use of objects, speech, etc.
  8. Demonstrates consistent support through enthusiasm and encouragement whenever possible.
  9. Presents self as a positive role model for individuals supported (table manners, communication, interaction, community involvement, etc.).
  10. Demonstrates sensitivity and awareness of people's individual needs (wheelchairs, lifts, etc.).


  1. Supports each child in demonstrating learned social skills (appropriate personal space, eye contact, reciprocal conversation, staying on task, and appropriate greeting) according to current treatment plan.
  2. Facilitates and supports each child with initiating and maintaining connections with their peers, when appropriate.
  3. Facilitates and supports each child with initiating appropriate greetings with non-agency individuals (workers, store personal, and restaurant personal), when appropriate per current treatment plan.


  1. Respects the responsibilities and authority of families to make decisions.
  2. Reports family discussions, dissatisfaction, and conflicts to their immediate supervisor for resolution within one business day.
  3. Respectful of cultural diversity within each family.
  4. All interactions with each family demonstrate acceptance, equality, respect and dignity.
  5. Does not report information in a sarcastic or derogatory manner about the family.
  6. Demonstrates a sensitivity and respect of each family.
  7. Uses appropriate tone when interacting with each family.
  8. Assists each child in fostering communication with its family when appropriate.
  9. Assists each child during the completion of family goals, per current treatment plan.
  10. Helps each child to connect meaningfully and mutually with their families.
  11. Demonstrates honest interactions with families towards the development of a successful and trusting working relationship.


  1. Reviews all required documentation at the beginning of the shift.
  2. Uses blue/black ballpoint pen when documenting.
  3. Uses specific, objective and descriptive language when documenting.
  4. Contacts director when documentation data sheets are incorrect or finished for replacements.
  5. Shares progress of goals with the Clinical Team to provide consistent teaching strategies.
  6. Plans accordingly for (earned) time off and submits requests within specific time frames (see personnel policies.) and receives voice-to-voice approval from family supervisor.
  7. Immediately notifies director during a significant event and submits report with-in twenty- four hours or sooner as necessary.
  8. Makes self-available for any investigation according to policy.
  9. Demonstrates flexibility in respect to scheduling, in response to program changes, such as, fade plans, hospitalizations, and terminations.
  10. Is effective in presenting information to staff, co-workers, families, and administration.
  11. Respects and maintains confidentiality of the child and family at all times and in all environments.
  12. Submits child specific and agency training timesheets in a timely, clear, and concise manner every other Wednesday by 4:00pm of the appropriate pay-period.
  13. Submits child specific data sheets with time sheets and leaves in the PASS binder for Clinical Consultant to retrieve.
  14. Arrives for all shifts, meetings, and training sessions on time, stays until designated time, and receives voice-to-voice contact/permission with family supervisor for any alterations in shifts, meetings, or trainings.
  15. If unable to report to shift, meeting, or training due to an emergency or illness, contacts family supervisor or designee as soon as possible and receives voice-to-voice contact/permission.
  16. Receives authorization from family supervisor before taking pictures of a child.


  1. Immediately reports unsafe and unsanitary environmental conditions to Director.
  2. Is observant of and sensitive to the physical well being of each child.
  3. Contacts the family/designee and Director in the event that an individual sustains injury or displays symptoms of illness.
  4. Demonstrates good role modeling for each child by practicing good health, such as healthy diet and refraining from smoking.
  5. Has a working knowledge of each child's community as related to health and safety conditions.
  6. Promotes personal safety by teaching safe practices, as in personal boundaries, street safety, and good follow through in emergencies.
  7. Ensures that each child is free from abuse, neglect, and mistreatment and immediately reports any violations accordingly.
  8. Assists each child in all pre-authorized activities of their choosing or personal need such as walking, swimming, horseback riding, per current treatment plan.
  9. Uses proper body mechanics (proper lifting & transfer techniques) in all physically related responsibilities.


  1. Uses safe driving conduct and abides by the rules of the road when transporting a child.
  2. Ensures that their personal vehicle is in safe driving condition and meets agency standards as specified in policy.
  3. Ensures the safety of all passengers while in operation, such as, the use of safety belts, pulling over if there is a disturbance to make a phone call, and following safety protocol for children riding in car seats according to policy.
  4. Follows all the procedures as stated in the vehicle policy, as in the case of an accident.
  5. Refrains from eating and drinking while transporting a child.
  6. Refrains form using cell phone while driving according to policy.


  1. Acknowledges and maintains productive communication by remaining open minded and objectively considering differences of opinion.
  2. Acknowledges the purpose of feedback and uses it as a tool for professional growth.
  3. Demonstrates assertive interactions through active listening, effective communication, objectivity, fairness, respect and honesty.
  4. Ensures the right to confidentiality by sharing information with the PASS Team and parents/care takers, and follows HIPPA protocol.
  5. Interacts with individuals, coworkers, supervisors and all others in a professional manner.
  6. Consistently demonstrates knowledge and support for team and supervisory direction.
  7. Is able to set appropriate boundaries and balance personal and professional life in effort to avoid burnout.
  8. Seeks information from coworkers, supervisor management when uncertain of an issue or an answer.
  9. Pursues knowledge and information necessary for professional development.
  10. Completes work in an organized and time efficient manner.
  11. Responds to stressful situations in a calm and professional manner.
  12. Encourages high standards of professionalism among team members.
  13. Maintains professional appearance by following the personal appearance policy.
  14. Refrains from carrying on personal conversations with co-workers, excluding individuals supported.

Mandatory Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Must have a High School Diploma or GED
  3. Must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record for three years
  4. Must be free from conviction of felony physical or sexual assault, child abuse, past employment history of abuse, mistreatment, neglect and any other conduct deemed disqualifying by Looking Upwards.

Mandatory Qualifications and Requirements (continued):

  1. Access to and provision of an insured and inspected automobile on an ongoing basis.
  2. Ability to complete CPR, First Aid, and other required trainings
  3. Capable of effective oral and written communication
  4. Capable of reading and comprehending policies and instruction, and use varying degrees of independent judgment and discretion.
  5. Ability to respond to emergency situations at all times.

Essential Physical Demands:

Must be able to operate tools and equipment (agency van, phone, copy machine, overhead projector, computer). Must be able to lift to 50lbs independently. Physical demands are in excess of sedentary work as position frequently requires walking, standing, reaching, fingering, stooping, bending, pushing and pulling.

Work Environment:

Participation indoors as well as outdoors during all seasons.


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Looking Upwards, Inc. 
Location: MiddletownRI 02842
Document ID: AD094-32FM  
Job Type:  Regular

Job Schedule: Full-time

Posted on: 2019-09-1809/18/2019
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